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Backsacks: Weekend Food For Kids

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1 in 5 children in Gleaners' service area struggle with hunger and food insecurity. 

BackSacks: Weekend Food for Kids is aimed to help the MOST vulnerable of this population every Friday throughout the school year. 

A BackSack is a grocery bag filled with kid-friendly, shelf-stable foods to provide enough food and drinks to last the weekend for students in grades K-6. The products in the BackSack, chosen by a nutritionist, keep up with the unpredictable taste buds of the average kid.  All items included can be opened by a child and do not require refrigeration or heating.




  • BackSacks is available to schools with K-6th graders in our 21 county service area.
  • Gleaners trains staff members of eligible schools on identifying the hallmarks of chronic hunger.  Gleaners provides a referral form and identification tool that can help school staff members determine which students are most in need.  Students in need of BackSacks often have crisis or neglect at home, hoard food, and are anxious about food situations both at home and at school.


Because of fantastic support from individuals and communities, the BackSacks Program has grown greatly since its inception in 2006.  There are 230 participating schools representing all 21 counties within Gleaners' service area.  Gleaners delivers over 10,000 BackSacks every week.  

Megan Ellis
Youth Programs Coordinator
317-925-0191 x126